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Re: December Belly Thread- Please Share Yours :)

Interesting stuff OrangeBananas...our bodies really are amazing with all this pregnancy stuff!
Hey Jac! I know I have some printed out pics of my belly with my boys, but I don't have anything on the computer to show you all.... I have a huge to-do list of getting our pictures organized and saved/put in the right places/etc!'s a bit overwhelming to be totally honest. Anyway, my Mom and I did look at a few hard-copies of pics that I have from my boys and we think that I am carrying a bit higher than with the boys and maybe a bit wider too... and one of the biggest things I have noticed this time around is that I never (so far anyway!) got my normal bad pregnancy acne on my face/cheeks!...I have been writing down a few of the differences just so that I can remember down the road! My skin is surprisingly been clearer this time around...and most all of the acne scarring that I have is from during my previous pregnancies! Anyway, I am so glad we don't have too much longer to find out who this little one is!...I can't wait!!
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