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can you cook something on the stove and then put it in crockpot?

So I have this copycat recipe I have used for a dish, but you cook it on the stove. I want to cook it on stove bc there is a sauce that needs to reduce and so forth, plus, I am taking it to a party, so I don't want to just *hope* it works to try and tweak it in a crockpot. My idea is to cook it in the afternoon and then put it in crockpot until I take it to the party. I won't be able to do anything last minute- I am making dessert, still have to feed my crew at home, get ready, be designated driver, take the baby with and so forth. Not sure if you can use crockpot just for keeping stuff warm. I have a buffet server for that, but it's the huge one for 3-4 dishes and I am not lugging that with me. TIA!
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