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Re: Mamma's who work outside the home....

Another BGE family here! They work great for daycare and you don't have to stuff a billion diapers, then unstuff a billion raunchy diapers that have been at the bottom of a wetbag for three days. We generally wash 2-3 times per week (since we use coin-op) so I send diapers twice per week in a hanging wet or wet/dry bag. We only bring the bag home on wash days. We also send cheap fleece liners (keep LO dry and make poop cleanup easier once you get to solids).

Once DS was about 5-6 months he started out-wetting the BGEs at naptime (or maybe there was user error involved). So now we also send Grovia AI2s pre-loaded with a booster for naps. I generally send 1 or 2 aplix shells at a time with ~4 soaker+booster combos. It's sufficiently different that they never get confused about which diaper to use for a nap, and also with aplix there's less chance of a user error.

The only thing that take time away from DS is cleaning out the poopy diapers for 5-10 minutes twice per week. DH takes the diapers out of the dryer after I've gone to bed and I pack them in the wet bag while I pump hands-free in the morning :-)

ETA: Whatever system you choose for daycare, make it as easy on them as possible! If you're sending snap diapers I think you should make sure they all have the same snap configuration (for example, a mix of BGE and BG 4.0 probably wouldn't be an issue). And don't expect that they will necessarily re-use covers -- they may, or they may forget and put them in the dirty bag. Not sure if all DCPs are the same, but ours much prefered DS' AIOs vs prefolds and aplix covers that two other boys use.

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