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Re: I think someone from my doctors offic spilled the beans that I'm pregnant to my S

Originally Posted by my2sweets View Post
that sucks!

I would call sil and ask how she found out 1st. Id also let her know since you are so early youre not telling anyone yet and to please keep her mouth shut. If youre close Id even tell her you havent told dh yet-waiting for the prefect oppertunity/figuring out a neat way/something-so dont spill the beans.

If in fact it was the office who told then I would call and raise hell but Id try to figure out exactly what happen before I started accusing ppl.
I agree with this. I would def talk to her first and ask her how she found out. Tell her it's really important you know how she found out, and that you NEED to know where she heard it from. But, she may not tell you. I've had that happen, where someone says they found something out, but refuses to tell me how. And that is just infuriating. Hopefully she doesn't do that.

Originally Posted by norrahsmommy View Post
My nurse and Dr both violated HIPPA when to tell me that xh's pregnant gf uses them as well, and that dd is going to have a brother along with the sister I am carrying. Their exact words were: "How is N adjusting to having a brother AND sister around the same time?" I didn't know she was pregnant and there is a lot more to the story than this post will allow, but I am changing Drs at 32 weeks into my pregnancy because of their violations.

Eta: moral of my story, the staff may not even realize they spilled the beans, if they did. Mine thought I knew because we are both due about 3 weeks apart, didn't realize the animosity between us, ect...
That is so wrong on so many levels.

While I know polygamy and open marriages exist, that's not the norm... so it's pretty safe to always assume that if someone's DH (or boyfriend or whatever) impregnated another woman, it was not with their consent and they are *probably* NOT happy about it.
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