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Re: I think someone from my doctors offic spilled the beans that I'm pregnant to my S

Originally Posted by my2sweets View Post
that sucks!

I would call sil and ask how she found out 1st. Id also let her know since you are so early youre not telling anyone yet and to please keep her mouth shut. If youre close Id even tell her you havent told dh yet-waiting for the prefect oppertunity/figuring out a neat way/something-so dont spill the beans.

If in fact it was the office who told then I would call and raise hell but Id try to figure out exactly what happen before I started accusing ppl.
Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
Could she have found out here?
I agree with these.

I know I have a friend that has found me on here. She isn't a member. She lurks or has in the past. I didn't realize she even knew the site and I'm pretty obvious because of my 2 sets of twins and such (one of which being my name in my UN *sigh*). So, she knew it was me, but I had no idea she was even aware of the site. It makes me much more careful of what I say on here. Luckily, she is my best friend in the whole world and I don't care what she knows. But....who else could see??

I would definitely talk to her before accusing the office or announcing it if you aren't ready to yet.

I'm so sorry you feel violated. I know I would too.
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