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Re: 16 month old that doesn't eat.

I know it is scary when they won't eat. Ruling out all health related problems, like the reflux. A serving is 1 tbs of food at this age. If your toddler get a complete serving of all food groups for the entire week you are doing great.

Now if he is losing weight then that should be addressed with your doctor. But if he is gaining then he is taking in more then you think. It is very common for kids to be super picky at this age. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but pickiness lasts for years. Don't fret about it to much and don't show him that you care either way. This is a time for asserting their independence. Put the food on his plate and stay in the room but don't hover and try to force food. These are mistakes I made with my 2 older kids. It backfires.

My 13 month old eats everything even things his big brother won't eat. Whatever we are having is what he gets to eat.

Don't worry mama it will pass.
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