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Originally Posted by beckstar

did anything change environmentally that you would have been cooler? are you positive you've ovulated already? the last two cycles were later than this. the spotting could be related to ovulation...are you dtd to cover your bases?
Thanks for taking a look.
I definitely don't know if I ovulated already. Not really cooler last night and I even worked until 1030 last night so I was actually expecting it to be high. Just with the cramps and the spotting I figured I was having a fluke short cycle. I usually had a couple a year before I had my first kiddo. I have had more periods in the last 6 months than I had in the 6 years since I was TTC for DD!
Since charting I have ovulated anywhere from CD 15-25. Every month has been different. My LP has varied as well. The only hormone issues they have found is I have high prolactin levels. DS is still nursing, but they are even high for that so I guess that is what causes the wild variations.
Definitely have the DTD under control. I don't always remember to mark it. It really bugs DH when I plug in another time that I used him.
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