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Re: Just a vent about MIL and Cd's

Originally Posted by mom2corag View Post
Some occassional babysitters would use cloth, but were resistant to it, so I would pack both cloth and disposables in the bag becauase I appreciated the help we were getting with free childcare, and I had sposies from baby shower gifts. I (sneakily) managed to convert them all by putting sposies, but the cheapest, worst sposies I could find (and I thought that the toys R us ones were terrible) so that every time they changed my kid into a sposie, it leaked all over the place and they had to clean up the up the back poo... and soon they realized that hey, she's always wearing a cloth diaper when she arrives and that one never leaks, but as soon as I put on this sposie, it leaks all over the place.
I find this very contradictory. You will pack both cloth & disposable because you appreciate free childcare - but if they choose disposables you are going to make sure it is a disgusting mess (for them AND your child)? I'm sorry, that doesn't seem appreciative to me.
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