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Finding it ironic

We've never done Santa, actually i have been anti santa. And we have talked a lot with the kids about how it's just a game people play. My ds even said the other how it's weird that ppl do it. There have been a lot of questions from ds this year and enough convo that I know he knows santas not real.

Well so outta nowhere!!!! He says "I know he's not real, and I know it would be from you and dad, but I hope I get a present that says 'Santa'."

So I say, uuummm, really? Ok. "ok? One can say Santa?!". Sure hun. "yay!" and asks his sis if she wants one that says Santa too. Lol!

I texted dh and he responds "Santa doesn't give presents he's dead"

So it feels REALLY weird but I guess we're "playing Santa" this year!

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