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Originally Posted by tinytushi View Post
Anyone use these on a newbie under 7 lbs? I ordered some for Black Friday but little one won't be here until summer. It was actually my first ever cloth purchase, but the leg holes look huge! My other 3 kiddos were all in the 6lb. range so I expect this one to be also. My dh is going to have LO alot and will not do prefolds so I wanted some AIO and fitteds that would work with a tiny one. If these are not it does anyone have a suggestion?
Our LO was just under 7lbs at birth. The only dipes that fit her well were the Lil Joey's. The rest were a tad bit too large esp around the legs. She's now over 2 weeks old and weighs 8lbs and can fit into the rest of the NB AIO dipes we have (kissas, Imagines, Sposoeasy, Grovias, and Simplex). Haven't tried the Thirsties and FB on her yet since the stump just fell off.
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