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Re: Curious...What does your state require?

In FL - just looked this up today!

Have to file a letter of intent, complete with all student's names/addresses/Bdates.

Then annually, we have to either: have the child evaluated by a child psychologist, a school psychologist, or a social worker, have the child & their portfolio evaluated by a FL certified teacher with a valid license, or have the child take a standardized test.

Whatever we choose to do annually, we can do it whenever we want, as long as it is annually. (so there is no "complete by" date, so long as it is done each yr) We have to send it in to the state.

Then, we are required to keep 2 yrs worth of work for the child's portfolio, which can be requested at any time by the state, and you will have 15 days to produce it for them to review.

If at any time, they find your student to be falling behind, they give you one yr to get them back up to where they should be, and then retest them.
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