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Re: When do you wrap presents?

I usually wrap as I buy, so Im not spending hours on Christmas eve doing it! This year is crazy though. We are having a party with our family here on the 18th, so Im wrapping and separating those. We're giving our kids their bigger gifts before we leave on vacation so those need to be wrapped. Not sure when we'll let them open those, but it might also be an exchange with my parents and brothers. Then we're driving to MO and leaving the gifts and everything for family there at my MILs, so those all need to be wrapped. Staying overnight there and then driving to Canada, where we will be bringing some gifts to give our kids on Christmas day, cards and ornaments and such for family. None of that can be wrapped because theyll want to see as we cross the border, BUT I have to keep them separated and somehow keep the kids from finding that box. lol

So we are all over the place this year. I just hope I don't forget something and its already feeling crazy hecktic trying to keep everything organized!
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