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Re: OK...please tell me about Target Pristine Detergent I'm intrigued! Better than Ti

Originally Posted by alisonsjulejb View Post
I have seen some posts about Target Pristine Detergent and have even seen ppl say they like it better than Tide!! Has anyone used it long enough to have long term incredible cleaning results with no build up or issues etc?!

And what about TIDE I am confused...which type of Tide?!! I have read the one you want to get for dipes is tide original powder but all I can find is the Ultra original powder is that the one?! where is best place to buy it?! Is the scent really that strong?!

And lastly, what about COUNTRY SAVE?! Has anyone tried both tide and country save and able to compare them?! Which is BETTER?!

P.S. I will probably be washing in fairly hard water! So would you suggest use of water softening products with these detergents?!

Thanks for the help!
I have used both. I have hard water and when I add Calgon with the CS, I think it works as well as Tide, maybe slightly better on stains. Since CS is so much more expensive, I had stopped using it but have just gone back. What I do right now is use a combo of CS with a little bit of Ariel detergent (Ariel is like non ultra Tide). If Country Save would add enzymes, it would be the best detergent on the planet.
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