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Re: Can you critique/offer any pointer on my birth plan please?

great plan - I just would say that you should have a cover sheet with just bullet points. My hospital midwife told me that it should be no longer than one page and be very concise.

If you want to attach something very detailed like this, that's great, but something very simple that a nurse can scan and understand would be ideal.

ETA: I would also say to talk to the hospital about their practices and you could maybe leave some things out. For instance, some hospitals allow food and drink and some don't. So, if yours does or doesn't, then you don't need to put that in there - the rules will apply either way.

If your hospital has rules about the position you'll be in for pushing, then you can't stipulate how that'll happen, but if they do not have any rules, then you'll be fine. Some hospitals routinely give the baby directly to mom for skin to skin contact, so you wouldn't need to stipulate that unless it's not routine for your hospital.

etc etc.. things like that.
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