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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Originally Posted by mariamommy View Post
This was well written.

OP, I can absolutely understand the frustration of them not even bothering to say thank you. What they did was a mistake, and you were so gracious enough to correct the situation in an honest way and gave of your time/energy to make it right without being asked too. I'm sure a lot of people would be tempted or would actually keep it and not say anything. Kudos to you ~ you did a wonderful thing. With not even a mention of a thanks, I'd probably feel the same way. Its hard to not get an acknowledgement of a good deed done.

I gotta agree with others though, and say this probably wasn't worth bashing cottonbabies for. I have ordered from cottonbabies countless times for years now and have always gotten excellent personal customer service, even with products that I thought weren't what I was expecting, they were replaced quickly and without question. I will continue to order from them. I know cottonbabies reps are also on this message board, and will probably read this.
You're right, and I can totally see your point about posting it publicly. The reason I did so wasn't to bash them, though I can understand why it can seem like it's bashing. My purpose is two-fold.
#1 is other moms that are thinking about a purchase like to know when people give exceptional service, like my experience with Kissed by the Moon recently which I also posted publicly, and also when it's sub-par. I read about new diaper stores here before I make purchases with them. I want to know about other mamas experiences.
#2 customer service matters. It affects some people's buying decision, including my own. A little note that says "hey thanks for shopping from our little Mom & Pop outfit", to me, is going above and beyond and makes me feel great about supporting that shop. Even more so than freebies. (though freebies are way fun and cool!)
Because ultimately it's about customer service, and they (CB) need to improve upon it. Something little like a simple thanks matters. And not bothering to do so when someone does something that should matter to them makes me feel about the same as I do when I shop at a Big Box store. Like my purchase didn't matter. They don't need my support.
I'm sure that this wasn't the intent of CB. But how they are represented by their staff affects a buying decision. If I were the owner of the shop, I'd be chatting with my staff right now about customer service Ps&Qs.

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