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Re: 16 month old that doesn't eat.

Originally Posted by savingmomof2boys View Post
He has pretty much always been like this. He has been doing the feeding evaluations since he was 12 months because at that point he would even touch and baby food.

The feeding specialist has me bring in a few foods that he refuses and a few that he likes. Up until his last appointment he always did well with at least trying everything I brought but then once we are home, he won't try anything. If I even carry him close to his high chair he will get real stiff and scream and cry. At his last appointment with the therapist he wouldn't touch anything we offered. She put in a request for a swallow study and that appointment is next week.

I think I am going to look into EI. How do I go about getting their info?
I would google Early Intervention or FIT (Family Infant Toddler Program) along with your city name to see. Most places it is a self referral. You might also look into OT (Occupational Therapy) as there may be sensory issues as well. If the high chair has become a battle ground, do you have a kiddie picnic table or somewhere else to try feeding him?
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