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Marie, GL with the surgery. I'm sure you'll feel great once it's over and done with, but I understand being nervous. Your names are really cool...classic, but still unique I'm partial to Renee as a middle, as that's my middle and this baby's, too...Catherine Renée.

I'm kinda this way and that way over the whole royal baby. I've been worried that people will assume that we picked Catherine after the princess (we didn't) and now with all the extra hype, it's going to be more obnoxious. Oh, well. I guess I feel bad for them, and I worry...what if she has a m/c? It sucks to go through one, let alone with the whole world watching. I wish privacy was respected more, but I guess that's the life you get when you're a royal.

My SIL had her second daughter yesterday I'm super excited for them, but admittedly, it's bittersweet. They announced their pregnancy days after I had my m/c (they don't know about it even now), and that was hard. Like, really, really hard. Of course, I'm excited to be pregnant now...and after all, if my poor baby lived, I wouldn't have been blessed with this new soul, but its all such a strange jumble of emotion. I haven't talked much about it, not even to DH. It's just...weird. But, my little niece is ADORABLE so even if she always reminds me of my little angel, it'll be okay. It's not like I'll be forgetting my angel baby anyway, right?
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