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Re: Working FT & morning sickness

hang in there! I searched all the bathrooms in my building to see which were the least used- I got lucky with that- people managed to leave just in time or not show up til I could control the heave. I found picking the stall with the tile wall helped because it felt better on my face and I would feel less like passing out. I hide pgs (or try) until 13-15 weeks and throw up until about 18. I've done it 3 times here, 2 living children. I carry zofran, but only take one when I can't stop the truly constant heaving (every 1/2 hour or more or when you just can't stop all in a row). sometimes hard candies help, sometimes they make you want to hurl try what sounds good to you. seabands but not acupuncture helped for me. nothing makes it go away- but the day you notice its gone, or mostly- you instantly start to forget

you're going to make it! I hope to do it again (you know what I mean, no one likes to throw up all the time, but the love of a baby...)
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