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Re: July 2013 Weekly Chat: Dec. 3-Dec. 9

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
I'm going to pay a few bills & going to my grandmother's. My grandfather passed away the night before Thanksgiving, so DS & I have pretty much gone there everyday to visit & just check on her.

Feeling good again today, but I'm learning to embrace it as a blessing instead of a threat. Guessing this one might be a girl. DD's pregnancy was easy like this. DS's was rough in comparison. I was sick til about 14 wks, had major smell aversions, & insanely awful heartburn. But I know they can all be different, so I guess we'll see.

ETA: I started a bump thread!
I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you are having a girl! Thank you for starting the bump thread!

Originally Posted by Colorwithwords View Post
I'm trying to take advantage of having waves of nausea instead of constant nausea! I managed to clean up the kitchen (2 days worth!) and have my 3rd load of laundry going (though none folded). And managed to get DD to paint some paper green. We'll add red to it tomorrow and have Christmas wrapping paper!
I am very impressed! I can clean the kitchen but my RE will not let me do laundry. So DH is bringing it down so DS (4 years old) can load it and stuff for us. I am there talking to him the whole time but these weight restrictions make it so I can't do much. Great craft that you made! I don't believe in wrapping gifts, but it is cool that you made paper for it!

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
I am taking a break before going and sitting in carpool lines. I dropped the kids off this morning and spent the day working at the elementary school's Santa shop. I did pretty well, but thought I was going to have to run for the bathroom when a sweet Grandma volunteer started working next to me. She was an obvious smoker and my nausea free day stopped right then.

I picked up DS2 from preschool and have been on the couch being very still and hoping it stops soon. We have Advent supper and service tonght. Hopefully, I can manage to eat whatever they serve!

Jennifer, you sound like you're suffering from pregnancy brain. Last night I called everyone to the table for dinner and then realized I completely forgot to cook the rice. Makes eating gumbo difficult.
Sorry your nausea free day stopped! That is awful! I hope you do alright tonight. We have an advent service that we should go to tonight but I am not pushing it. DH has been getting home close to 7 pm every night and that is what time it starts about 30 minutes from home. We have our last conversion class on Saturday so that will make up for it.

I know I have pregnancy brain! I get it early every time. I can't forget rice as I made rice about 6 months ago and BURNED it badly. It set off our central alarm smoke detectors. Since that time DS doesn't really like me to cook rice but he reminds me not to burn the rice every time I do it. I haven't burt rice since!

I have been having strong nausea all day at home (so not when I am out and about) because we are cooking a chicken in the crock pot for the last 24 hours. It smells like chicken throughout the house. I told DH that I think I have 48 hours before I start I haven't yet but I know I am close! Burping is going down, and so it has to go somewhere!
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