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Re: Curious...What does your state require?

When I lived in Tennessee, I home schooled DS for part of Kindergarten. I pulled him out after school started.

The requirements were I had to have him registered by a certain date or pay a fee to homeschool. To withdrawal and switch to homeschooling, you needed approval by superintendent of the district. (I was hassled till I said I was going to get a a lawyer! ) I had to pay the fee as I was past the date. I had to register him each year and turn in how many hours he spent doing "school " activities. They did not want grades or any info about what he was being taught.

(I moved and it was weird. School had started in TN but not in the state I was moving to. So I had to register him again as a homeschool student or face truancy issues even though in 3 weeks he attended the 1st day of school in our new state!)
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