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another toy question

I hate purging toys! I never know what to keep, lol.

We have pared it down to a small tub of baby toys (which are currently put away since we don't have a baby in the house), the kitchen /food bucket, the doll house / furniture bucket/ doll bucket, 1 bucket of mega blocks, 4 baby dolls and 1 bucket of baby doll "stuff", 2 Barbie cars and 1 small "portable doll house", plus a bunch of stuffed animals. Each bucket is maybe 10x8x8 from Ikea. We have 6 buckets of toys and 4 buckets of random art supplies since we love to craft.

It's still way way too much. All 3 girls share a very small room, and all of their toys are in there. 1 bunk bud and a toddler bed. They have maybe 4ft square of floor space to play. All of the buckets are stored on shelves that run around the perimeter of the room at around 6ft high.

They play with every single toy we have, and will routinely play with them all at once (build a town with mega blocks, drive the Barbie car through it, stuffed animals will guard the town and the doll house will be the castle in the middle of the town, etc...).

I want to downsize, but I don't know where else to cut! Even Kate (4) has know it wouldn't take as long to clean if there wasn't so much stuff, lol!

They all have different favorites too..laney loves the kitchen, Kara is really into babies, and Kate loves the doll house.

Do I just give up and learn to live with the clutter? Or slower take 1 or 2 things away and see if they notice?

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