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Originally Posted by lady longs

Actually, I never said that my opinion was directly related to cloth diaper companies. I said we shouldn't publicly bash companies over minor things. If it were something significant, that we should post it so others would know. That's my opinion re all companies, actually. Not just cloth companies.

Also, I never said we shouldn't share our negative experiences and I also never said that "we shouldn't talk about anything" in a public forum.

You really pretty significantly misunderstood and misquoted what I said as well as jumping to some pretty sizable conclusions.
So.. What can we say when we have a bad experience? The OP was venting. I DID come to the conclusion that if she was talking about Kellogg's, you wouldn't have given her any grief. Sometimes it ONE experience that turns you off to a food, a place, a store. Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows this.

A happy customer tells maybe 1-2 people.
An unhappy customer tells 7-10 people.

Anyhow. Yes, I think it's an odd reason to complain about a company only because there are usually preset 'auto command' responses (even if it's coming from an actual person, they are versed on how to accept a product return by using a generic format)

She was unhappy. She won't shop there. Why do you care how big the company is or how small..

Public bashing!? Really?!? It's a public forum.. And there's a diaper section.. Where people post about experiences.. So if it's a positive one- post? If not, don't..?
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