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Re: Working FT & morning sickness

Last time I worked 20+ hours a week through hg. I had no choice if I wanted to keep my insurance, I couldn't work full time though, I could barely stay upright long enough to work half time.

This time I'm working full time most weeks and going to school part time too. I've been taking zofran forever (or so it seems) and it stops the vomiting, but a lot of days it doesn't even touch the nausea. It's not what you want to hear, but you hit a stride, it becomes so normal to be nauseous that it becomes your baseline. It's never fun or easy, but it's doable. You need to know your limits though, if you start losing a lot of weight or get dehydrated, or even just feel like you need to, talk to your doctor. I hope it eases for you soon.
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