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Re: KAL ~ Christmas Crafts: Dec 2-8

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
Today is really cold. Like -15 cold. Not as REALLY cold as Fairbanks but our truck is frozen none the less. There is something with it and cold. Not all trucks are like this but idk how to make it tougher. I am wondering if the engine heater is bad. Anyway. The shawl I picked back up is an 11 row repeat and I had ended up going back one full repeat after those dropped stitches and then not being sure about where I was in the pattern after such a long hiatus. But I reknit that part and since have done another repeat. For perspective, I used to be able to do two repeats in a days knitting now it takes all day to do one. The rows are well over 250 stitches and only getting longer. I am under an ounce left on the first skein and have another skein for it but today I am concentrating on making baby G some socks because our winter is only just getting started and I don't see how it's just going to suddenly warm up and decide to be spring after what we have already seen.

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DH has a engine heater on his truck (diesel) and it works really well.I know there was a lot of fighting to get it set up properly initially.

Can you get a remote starter with a timer on it? I can set up my car to turn on and run for a set amount of time at regular intervals. Its the only way I can start it after work if its really cold outside since I can't plug it in.

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
I woke up feeling really off so I was laying on my bed having the kids play in with me, Pixie ran across my stomach and I felt something tear. It's been burning pain ever since and hurts a lot to move. I'm hoping it's a torn muscle/ligament but would appreciate any healing/healthy baby vibes you can send. I don't have a doppler and this kid is hidden behind the placenta and hard to feel normally, so kick checks are not an option and I'm kind of freaking out
Ouch! I hope you're feeling better quickly and that the little one starts dancing inside you so you can relax a little. Orange juice always made my kids go crazy when I was pregnant.

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas View Post

We (the 3 little ones and myself) just got back from the grocery store. Avery has been oxygen free for over 24 hours now so I think she might be coming home without her oxygen! We got a little bit of good news today about her tummy, but we still have a long ways to go. I can't wait to go scoop her up this evening!
Great update. Do they know what caused the blockage in the first place?
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