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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
So.. What can we say when we have a bad experience? The OP was venting. I DID come to the conclusion that if she was talking about Kellogg's, you wouldn't have given her any grief. Sometimes it ONE experience that turns you off to a food, a place, a store. Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows this.

A happy customer tells maybe 1-2 people.
An unhappy customer tells 7-10 people.

Anyhow. Yes, I think it's an odd reason to complain about a company only because there are usually preset 'auto command' responses (even if it's coming from an actual person, they are versed on how to accept a product return by using a generic format)

She was unhappy. She won't shop there. Why do you care how big the company is or how small..

Public bashing!? Really?!? It's a public forum.. And there's a diaper section.. Where people post about experiences.. So if it's a positive one- post? If not, don't..?
Agree 1000%
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