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Re: Toddler running from you?

Originally Posted by MsGiggles View Post

You could tell them about the new rule, then specifically plan some outings at times like 20 min before nap or when you plan to stay home anyways, to let them out and test the boundaries of the rules. When they run, too-bad-so-sad and right back in the house you go!

I did this with DD eating snow outside - right before nap I would get her uber excited about a trip to the park, head outside and linger near a snow bank til she took the bait, then right back in while she tantrum-ed. A couple days of that and she was cured of snow-eating
You just made me feel better about myself. I did this to ds two days ago, he likes to run from me when we go outside. He always goes toward the street (not busy but still) so we talked, I warned, he ran, we went in for nap time. Hopefully it works!
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