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If you are familiar with the staff at your hospital, then certainly use your judgment, but our local hospital is staffed mostly by medical professionals who see things as "their way or no way" and anything I said that was prefaced by "I would like" or "would you please" or "I prefer such and such" was basically met with "well, that's not how we do things". They were simple requests, too, like a sandwich and OJ during an 18 hour labor. I only got "cooperation" when I said "I WILL eat during labor. Please bring me some food or I will get up and go find some myself." Or when I needed to use the bathroom and they wanted to cath me - at this point I only was attached to a fetal monitor. I politely declined and politely declined and finally had to say, "I am NOT going to be cath'ed, now I will take the fetal monitor off myself to go pee or you can help me wheel all of this crap into the bathroom."

I understand my hospital may (or may not) be the exception to the rule, but I would take out the nice fluff. I will, I will not, I do not consent to, I do consent to, etc. I think I remember from reading some of your posts that you originally wanted a HB (is that right?) and I'm sorry you have to go to a hospital. My last birth is exactly the reason why I am planning a UC this time around. I would hope you'd see cooperation from your caretakers with a more kindly-phrased birth plan, but unfortunately (IME) many providers only take "no, ABSOLUTELY NOT" as an answer before they consider alternatives to SOP and totally disregard anything phrased more gently. I truly, truly hope that is not the case at your hospital, mama.
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