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Re: another toy question

My first thought is that you have too many doll sets.
the doll house / furniture bucket/ doll bucket,
4 baby dolls and 1 bucket of baby doll "stuff"
2 Barbie cars and 1 small "portable doll house"
1. which doll house is the most practical/favorite? You can get rid of the other.
2. You probably don't need 2 Barbie cars. Go down to 1.
3. Can you minimize the amount of doll accessories they have down to 2 buckets? 1 for doll house sized items (including the dolls) and 1 for regular baby doll clothes/accessories.
4. why 4 dolls when you have 3 children? Can you take that down to 3?

4 buckets of random art supplies since we love to craft.
Is it possible to reorganize this into 3 for each child. You can put a few of everything in each bucket so they can just grab their bucket when they want to craft and no arguing over supplies sharing, plus you lose 1 more bucket!

plus a bunch of stuffed animals
Are they attached to them all? Or do they just play with them because they're there? Can you ask them to pick out 1-2 each that stay on their bed? My boys each have 1 waldorf doll and one stuffed animal on their bed, that's it. If they fell in love with another stuffed animal, they'd have to choose which one they want to keep. They've never acted deprived over it. They are just like your DD, Ds has told me before how he would never want to live at so and so's house because it takes sooooo long to clean up. I usually involve them in the process and ask them to pick their favorites and we'll give the rest away. I love that it can teach good life habits. If they're just little hoarders, I'd probably take half away, see if they notice, if not, half it again and repeat.
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