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I'm stuck, and need to hear what you would do.

We have been planning a surprise trip for my FIL to see his favorite ball game play our home team ball game in the out of state town he grew up in. It is Wednesday- we are leaving Saturday morning. There will be a surprise birthday party for His 60th 6 hours away from my house, and the game is another 2 hours further on Sunday. We've been planning it for a while. DH ticket was $220, although we still owe SIL for it. I'm not going to the game (I don't like the cold), so I am staying with an aunt 6 hours away from here with DS (2 years old) while DH goes 2 hours further away to go to the game.

I've been exhausted for the last week. Dead exhausted. Today I got the aggravating cough that never goes away, and it dawns on me that it feels an AWFUL lot like this summer when I had whooping cough. In hindsight, I realize DS and I both had cold-like feelings a couple weeks ago, although not as bad as a cold. DS has been coughing for the last week, with rattles here and there, and occasionally has the "whoop", although the coughing fits aren't as bad as the commercials on tv.

DH says when he picked up DS from daycare today, our 5 month old neighbor was there, and SHE sounded JUST like the commercials. I called neighbor, says she has an appointment Friday, and daycare lady brought up the cough to her and said to get it checked out before coming back. She, too, had a cold three weeks ago.

I'm fairly sure we have Whooping cough again. DS is vaxed, I am not. I don't think we should go this weekend, because I understand it can be pretty tough for little ones, not to mention myself since I'm not vaxed, and I don't want to get stuck at a hospital so far away from home with DS if it comes to that (he has a history of struggled breathing when sick). But it's FILS 60th birthday, and I'll feel bad we aren't there. DH would go regardless (unless one of us gets SUPER sick by Saturday morning). Soooo... Do I go? Stay? Is it as bad the second time around, or is it stupid to risk it 8 hours away from home? I'm ready to stay, but I'm kinda getting the guilt treatment from DH, although he says he understands. I'll have he11 to pay from my MIL. WWYD?

BTW, thanks for reading a novel...

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