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Originally Posted by nettepoet
im a crazy planner, too, so i can relate!

do you have a little fish net for the pool to catch any floaties if you poop? LOL. gross, but necessary.

i liked having my bed made up for labor even though i did a water birth. that way right after the baby was born we hobbled right over to the bed, cord still attached, blood, whatever all over us, and got under the covers to enjoy cuddles/latching, etc, and deliver the placenta. we had one set of sheets on, then plastic and another set of sheets and blankets on top of that. it was nice that we could then strip the bed and just relax without having to do extra work or find clean sheets.

having a little homeopathy kit for labor really came in handy. i had caullophyllum (sp?) for aiding labor, and it did come in handy for when my contractions fizzled out. i had another tincture (dont recall the name of it!) to take to help me deliver the placenta, bc i was DONE after my long labor and needed some encouragement to help it come out.

oh, this isnt about supplies, but just something that happened and i didnt expect it. my son was latching a little funny so my midwife checked his tongue and he had tongue-tie. they cut the little skin attached to his tongue and he barely even squeaked, and then latch was perfect. apparently it can cause big issues (speech, nursing, more...) and is better taken care of right away if your midwives will do it, so you may want to ask just in case. my first didnt have it and i had never heard of it, but it was good to know.

luck to you! it will be great.
I do have a fish net on my supply list! Hehe. As well as an extra set of sheets and 2 mil drop cloth for making up the bed twice.

Where did you get your homeopathy kit? It's looking to be really expensive to source herbs and make my own tinctures individually, but I haven't found a kit that has everything I need.

We actually won't have a midwife/midwives attending because of the laws in our state and availability of CNMs. Our first son was tongue tied, though, so it's definitely something we will be looking for!

Thanks! We are super excited.
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