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Re: Can you critique/offer any pointer on my birth plan please?

Thanks for all the help mamas I have talked with my OB about most all of the things on my birth plan and he is okay with everything. I am planning on taking my plan with me though when we see him again in 3 weeks to make final plans for the induction and will be really asking him about these things and telling him what I would like. The hospital I will be at is pretty mama/baby friendly so I am hopeful that things will go smoothly, though still very nervous and scared too. I so wish I could have this little guy at home like I did my DD.

Anyway, I made some more changes and got it all to fit on one page, except the c-section part, that will be on the back and DH will direct anyone to that information if it ends up being needed (I really hope it doesn't). Here is what I have now, please let me know what you think!

Birth Preferences for A----- ------
Husband/labor support: S--- ------
Due Date: 1/14/2013

We are looking forward to sharing our birth experience with you. We appreciate your reviewing this plan, and would be happy to discuss any questions or comments you have. We understand that there may be situations in which our choices may not be possible, but hope that you will help us to move toward our goals and to make this labor and birth a great experience. We do not want to replace the medical personnel, but instead want to be informed of any procedures in advance, and to be allowed the chance to give informed consent. Thank you!

Please Note
Our baby boy has been diagnosed with the heart defect Tetraogy of Fallot.
Despite this diagnosis our cardiologist, Dr. -----, has said we can have time to hold and bond with our baby before he is taken to the NICU. Please allow us time to hold and bond with our baby as long as he is not showing any signs of distress. Thank you.

I expect that doctors and hospital staff will discuss all procedures with me before they are performed.
I would like to be free to walk, change positions and use the bathroom as needed or desired.
I will remain hydrated by drinking moderate amounts of fluids (water, juice, ice chips).
I would prefer to not be hooked to IV fluids.
Please limit the number of vaginal exams as much as possible.
I wish to labor freely in the tub or shower.
I prefer that fetal heart tones be monitored intermittently with an external monitor or doppler.
Do not offer anesthesia/analgesia unless I ask for it.
I do not want an episiotomy to be performed. Please administer local anesthesia if a tear requires repair.

I will wait until I feel the urge to push before beginning the pushing phase, unless medically indicated.
I would like the freedom to push and deliver in any position I like.
I would like to touch our baby's head as it crowns.
I would like a soothing environment during the actual birth, with dim lights and quiet voices.
I would like to help catch our baby.
Place our baby on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery.
Allow the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is cut, ideally wait at least 5 minutes.
My husband S--- would like to cut the cord.
I prefer to wait for spontaneous delivery of the placenta.
I do not consent to a routine injection of pitocin or cord traction to being used.

Newborn Care
I would like to hold our baby skin-to-skin as long as possible after birth and attempt breastfeeding.
I do not consent to administration of eye antibiotics. I will sign a waiver if necessary.
I would like Vitamin K administered orally. I do not consent to the administration of the Vitamin K injection.
I do not consent to the administration of the Hepatitis B vaccine.
We are not having our baby circumcised. Please do not retract his foreskin.

Postpartum Care
I would like my other child to have free visitation access.
I would like baby to room with me at all times once he is released from the NICU.

I plan to breastfeed and want to nurse immediately following the birth.
Do not give our baby supplements (including formula, glucose, or plain water) without my consent.
I would like to meet with the staff lactation consultant.

*In the Event of a Cesarean Section Delivery*
I feel very strongly that I would like to avoid a cesarean delivery, however if a cesarean becomes necessary, I expect to be fully informed of all procedures and actively participate in decision-making.
I would like my husband Sean to be present during the surgery.
Please explain the surgery to me as it happens.
I would prefer general anesthesia in an emergency only.
I would like to have a respectful atmosphere without chatter during any part of the surgical procedure.
If possible, please do not strap my arms to the table during the procedure.
If conditions permit, I would like to be the first to hold our baby after the delivery.
If possible, I would like to breastfeed our baby immediately after the birth.
I would like our plans outlined here for after the birth to be followed as closely as possible.
Please lower the screen just before delivery so I may see the birth of the baby.
I prefer a low transverse incision
Please use double-layer uterine suturing to close my incision.
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