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Re: When do you wrap presents?

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I made fabric bags last year. We will reuse them this year. Just drop the present in, write the tag, hole punch the tag, and tie it up with a ribbon. (I keep the ribbons by putting them inside the bag so it gets reused too.) It takes about 30 seconds.

DS and DH can now "wrap" what they buy and there is no mess later! I was never really a fan of wrapping gifts so it really simplifies things!

Yep, we use fabric bags here too. I have sewed the ribbon into the seam, so every bag always has a ribbon. I punch a hole in the name tag, thread it on the ribbon and tie, so simple!

Usually we wrap Christmas eve, it doesn't take long using the fabric bags, but this year we'll be camping over Christmas so I suppose I should get onto it soon.
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