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Re: to those that foster drug affected babies...

I am so sorry that you and your son had to go through this :-(. The best thing that you could have done for your son, you did (hold and comfort him). My wife works in a NICU and she feels that these babies really need just to be held and comforted. They would do much better and have a shorter stay (she has some babies that stay for months) if they were held and soothed for most of the time. We foster adopted our son who was born addicted. We brought him home from the hospital a day before his withdrawal symptoms started. It was heartbreaking and we would just cry for him. Oddly I was never mad at his biomom but very thankful that she had him and did not have an abortion or throw him in a dumpster (biograndma told us she was very worried that she would do the latter and begged her not too).
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