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Re: Ahhh! Birthday present overload!

We have a VERY small house, and pretty close family. Last year we did a book party for ds1's 1st birthday. Everyone brought books, it was great, especially since he was my first boy and we needed a good supply of boy books. His 2nd birthday was joined with his brothers 1st birthday, and I just requested clothing. Again, it worked well, but it was all close family. I could see that not working well with a more spread out group. My favorite thing ever is something we started with the grandparents a few years back. They always get "experience" gifts instead of toys. We've had zoo memberships, aquarium memberships, children's museum memberships, science museum memberships, play tickets, movie theater gift certificates, ect. They are the best gifts! I love that we can do all of these things for pretty much free. The kids love them too.
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