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Re: Severe Hyperopia

My son is 6+ in both eyes. I have always been told with farsightedness there is a good possibility when they are this young for it to get less severe but that hasn't been true for my ds. He is 8yo and has been 6+ in both eyes since he was a toddler.

We have problems with him keeping his glasses on. I had the most success with metal frames and Croakie eyeglass retainers at least until he figured out how to snap the arms in two. This kid has completely destroyed brand new frames in less then an hour he is that determined to get them off. We since switched to Miraflex frames (out of pocket since insurance won't pay such a ridiculous markup for plastic frames) and I am less then impressed. They are so easy to get off the strap on the back might as well be nonexistent. Sure he can't break them but what good are they if the slightest flick of his hand sends them flying? I am contemplating trying flexible titanium frames with a Croakies retainer but I am worried he will either snap them in two or the extra flexibility with the metal will make it that much easier for him to chuck them across the room.

My son also has bilateral optic nerve colobomas and his Opthamologist thinks the colobomas are interfering with his vision so that the glasses aren't helping him. We could do more invasive testing but I opted out of it because even if they found out it was true, knowing the problem still wouldn't give us any solution since you can't correct a coloboma.

My only advice is either buy glasses with a good iron clad warranty or buy cheap. Replacing glasses and lenses every month add up to major $$$$$$.

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