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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (December)

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post

My next appointment is my surgery, so I'm really nervous. Can we skip to Dec 20th? The anticipation of being sewn up so this baby will have a harder time sneaking out and the fear of somethign going wrong in surgery are making me CRAZY.

Also, tech thinks this one is a GIRL, so I'm wrapping my head around that still---WEIRD. Thinking of names...Ainsley Charlotte, Ailee Carmen, and Tierney Renee (middle names interchangeable still) are on the table. Boy names? Psh! NO idea---middle name will 95% be William after my grandpa who died in 2000. Other than that, we're totally stumped. We have an Axton Joseph and a Deagan Kieran already, so we like unusual first names (but REAL names spelled properly and pronounced correctly---and we trend toward Irish/Scottish/Gaelic/OldEnglish sorts of names, apparently, haha) but we like to keep the middle names more traditional in case the kid grows up to hate it (my first name is Princess and I often go by my middle name Marie, especially for business purposes and online where its more of a pain in the tush to explain).
Hope December flies by for you, so you can get some peace of mind after the surgery. I like your names, especially Ainsley Charlotte. I think it's great that you are giving your kids an 'out' if they don't like their first name as they grow up. I've never though about that, but my names are always very traditional names. One thing I do want to make sure is that we call the child by the first name we give them. My name is Sarah Kate, but my parents never intended to use the Sarah, they just thought it sounded better than Kate Sarah. So I had to correct people all the time to call me Kate. But Dr.'s call me Sarah, even my OB does. Did you go by your first name growing up?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
All this name discussion is making me want to share the name we chose and why.
You'll be able to share soon enough. I like to keep the chosen name quiet until baby is born. I don't wanna hear my families opinions on what we chose. I have a girl name picked out and always call my baby by that name in my head. No idea what we'll do if we find out it's a boy.

AFM: Today would have been Jack's due date. It's kinda crazy to think that. Seems like just yesterday that we lost him. I'm very thankful that I got pregnant soon after, somehow it makes this day a little easier. I find myself wondering if this baby will be born on the year anniversary of our loss. My due date is 5/29, we lost Jack on 5/18. I actually think I would like that. My DD's bday is 10/15 which is also pregnancy/infant loss remembrance day.
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