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5 of my kids have vision issues so far.

My 5 year old is +6 in both eyes. 2 others are +3. My older 2 have negative rx.

I will tell you my second dd was +12 in both eyes at 18 months. We did years of patching (for lazy eye) and glasses. It corrected and now she is nearsighted and about 20/40. So it can fix itself.

Once they hit about 5 years old a positive rx usually does not get better.

I have severe vision issues, but with glasses I do well. I have to read on a negative screen for books, and I dont drive much at night anymore.

Have they discussed any reason why hers would be so bad? Usually at that age they will do an mri to rule out other issues.

I think here they have to accept kids with a certain script into the early childhood program for low vision. You might want to contact your school district for information.

The good thing is that if glasses can correct the vision then you should have minimal issues.
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