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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (December)

Originally Posted by twinpossible View Post
AFM: SO over work right now. Christmas break needs to hurry up already. I am wondering if I will be able to go back to teaching in Jan. I just want to eat, nest and love on my baby girls while they are my first born onlys.
I don't blame you at all! Is there any way you could take time off starting after Christmas Break, instead of waiting until baby comes?
My DH will be returning to full time teaching in January, which he is terribly nervous about so we don't talk about it. But we're really hoping that he'll have the hours to take parental leave right away when Hiccup is born
In a way I would feel guilty about "using the system" that way - he's been on leave since our 20 week u/s with Elli in January this year, was off completely for the remainder of the year then, returned half-time in September.
But then again it's not like we've been just relaxing or vacationing this whole time - it's been a heck of a year.

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
My SIL had her second daughter yesterday I'm super excited for them, but admittedly, it's bittersweet. They announced their pregnancy days after I had my m/c (they don't know about it even now), and that was hard. Like, really, really hard. Of course, I'm excited to be pregnant now...and after all, if my poor baby lived, I wouldn't have been blessed with this new soul, but its all such a strange jumble of emotion. I haven't talked much about it, not even to DH. It's just...weird. But, my little niece is ADORABLE so even if she always reminds me of my little angel, it'll be okay. It's not like I'll be forgetting my angel baby anyway, right?

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
As for the surgery, yeah. I know it's best but it has its own set of risks and any risk scares me at this point, even if it significantly lowers future risks
Oh absolutely I understand!

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
All this name discussion is making me want to share the name we chose and why.
Can't wait to hear it... along with seeing a photo of your rainbow!!!!

Originally Posted by myblessedbaby View Post
AFM: Today would have been Jack's due date. It's kinda crazy to think that. Seems like just yesterday that we lost him. I'm very thankful that I got pregnant soon after, somehow it makes this day a little easier. I find myself wondering if this baby will be born on the year anniversary of our loss. My due date is 5/29, we lost Jack on 5/18. I actually think I would like that. My DD's bday is 10/15 which is also pregnancy/infant loss remembrance day.
Elli's due date was hard to get through, although I was still at home dealing with helping my parents sort through all of my Grammie's things after her death - it was distracting, but not really in a good way. I wanted nothing more than to be with DH on that day, but it just didn't work out that way.
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