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Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
I declined all testing and had an out of hospital birth where we discovered baby has a birth defect. We both almost died. My dds disability could not be detected on an us but my whole world came crashing down that night. We were so shocked, it was so hard to come to terms with on top of all the chaos of transferring and emergency care.

My reason for declining testing (only a 13 wk us was offered, no 20 wk was covered!) was that we wouldn't terminate the pregnancy if for example there were downs markers. My experience made me realize that I could have had months to come to terms with a special needs child rather than the cold hard slap in the face that I had after my 27 hour labor. False positives exist but id rather have a happy surprise than the one I had.
I have lupus and mamas with lupus have a high rate of babies with congenital heart disease. So we have quite a few u/s during pregnancies (b/c there are things they can do to try and repair the heart before birth). With my first I was so worried about a heart problem I about fell off the table when the told me DS's heart looked great but he had a bowel blockage and his stomach was more then tripled its normal size because the fluids were barely passing thru. But I'm so happy I found out before he was born verse taking him home and having him vomit nonstop b/c nothing could get though and end up taking a very sick baby back to the hospital.

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