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Re: Should we do the anatomy scan?

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
I will be happy to email what I have to anyone interested if you send me a pm with your address! I am on my phone currently and getting ready to go to bed, so I don't have links/studies handy.
I think if it was such a non-issue as some make it out to be, the FDA wouldn't be worried about it. Even they say to limit U/S exposure, and they are also the ones who recommend injecting your body with mercury and fetal cells. so logically anything they say to be cautious about? Is probably pretty serious.
Well the FDA would recommend to limit U/S exposure because it is unethical to test on pregnant women/unborn children. Therefore they do not do trials using varying amounts of u/s exposure to see if it will cause defects or something. So they say to limit it because they can not say for sure if there would be any effects from more exposure.
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