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Originally Posted by MyLovely
I work selling supplements and have been trained by the people who dedicate their lives to studying/creating these products, and you really, really need to be careful with melatonin. It's not just a supplement, it's an actual hormone that can interfere with your own melatonin production. Even the people who profit off of it are adamant that it's used as a last resort. Now, certain types of special needs inhibit melatonin production and those kids/adults can benefit from it. For most people though, it is a last resort option.

Some sleep tips for both kids and adults.

-NO screen time 2+ hours before bed. Quiet playing or reading only.
-Routine. Have a bedtime routine. Stick with it no matter what.
-Go to bed at the same time and wake up every day.
-No caffeine after 2 pm, or at ALL if that doesn't work.
-Exercise in the late afternoon, but not too close to bed.

The most important thing is to look at why (general, since both kids and adults have been discussed in this thread) your sleep is suffering. Do you have a hard time relaxing enough to get to sleep? Try some theanine or tryptophan, or a cup of chamomile tea. Do you have a problem staying asleep? Make sure the room is completely dark. This even means no LED/lit alarm clocks. It also needs to be quiet, and you may want to consider a white noise machine if absolute silence isn't possible.

Good sleep is tough. I'm a terrible sleeper, so I have the utmost sympathy. However, melatonin is serious business so please, try absolutely everything else first.

ETA: Too much melatonin makes your sleep worse. Unless you have some serious, serious problems going on (which necessitate much more intervention), 0.5-1 mg is the MAX anyone should be taking.
Where do you work? I think I remember your warnings from other melatonin threads and was actually waiting for you to chime in. ;-)
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