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Re: Curious...What does your state require?

Originally Posted by keysersoze View Post
NY here. Letter of intent for all compulsory aged kids (6-16); file an individualized home instruction plan listing curriculum/materials for mandated subjects (includes the basics as well as health, Phys ed, music and the arts, health and safety, etc) which must be reviewed and approved by the school district superintendent. Provide 900 hours of annual instruction (this is for the lower grades; its higher in the upper grades); file four quarterly reports with the district, as well as an annual assessment by June 30. The annual assessment may be narrative until grade 4, though it is supposed to be completednby a certified teacher based on a portfolio of the child's work, after which the child must take an approved standardized test every other year (narrative assessment in the intervening year), and standardized tests must be taken annually from 9-12th grade.

In case you can't sleep, the regulations should help:
i live in ny too. this says it all
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