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Re: another toy question

We have 4 dolls because we regularly have my niece over and they all love babies. We will be getting rid of one that had an impromptu hair styling session with a pair of safety scissors, but it's being replaced by Santa with a bald headed baby, lol.

I probably can pare down the doll house stuff to 1 bucket that holds both furniture and people. I think I'm the one with the hang up there....we have all the furniture for the fp loving family doll house....they really only need the basics....bed, table, chair, etc... they probably won't notice if the gardening cart or mud room cubbies go missing, lol. They have a TON of little people and animals they use as their dolls...probably 40ish. They do play with several at once, but I'm sure they could do with less.

My oldest is the stuffed animal hoarder. She sleeps with at least 20 on her bed every night. They rarely leave her bed, but she does play with them daily. My other two both have special animals they sleep with but that's it. I should probably start by stealing 2 or 3 of the animals off odds bed and see if she notices, lol.
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