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Re: St Nicholas day

Huh. I grew up 15 minutes outside of MKE and now live 40 minutes out. We did it growing up, and I've done it with all of my children. It's fun for the little ones who are anxious for Christmas, especially. We've always lived in this general area of the state, and I've never met anyone here who'd not heard of the holiday...with my older kids, it was always a big thing the next day (at school) for kids to talk about what "St. Nick" brought them. I never thought about it being a regional thing for those without direct cultural or religious ties. Interesting.

Funny enough, 7 years ago, "St. Nick" filled my stocking with a baby boy, fresh out of my tummy! His stocking this year holds a book, a few miniature candy canes, a chocolate bar, and a page of stickers.
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