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Re: Should we do the anatomy scan?

Thank you for all the responses, lots of pros and cons to think about!

I just assumed I would have it done, so it threw me off when the doc said it was completely up to me. Last time I had a really unpleasant experience, which makes me hesitate. I'm not a worrier by nature, but the technicians got me really worried. They had 5 or 6 techs coming and going and really making things scary. The problem was cord stump attachment, and they went over all the horrible scenarios I should be expecting.

Finally after 30 minutes I got someone to explain that there wasn't actually any problem visible or anything to indicate there was a problem, just that they weren't getting a clear shot. That really irritated me, I didn't need all that worrying and fretting when they could have explained it accurately instead of defaulting to "something's wrong." I'm just not a worrier, and I finally told them I was ready to call off the U/S (against all their strong warnings). I didn't worry about it the rest of the pregnancy. I avoid tests in general because I don't want false negatives or things to worry about needlessly.

I also wasn't thrilled with the experience after finding out we weren't getting the desired gender and I had nowhere to go and cry and be alone (we would definitely go "envelope" route this time). The main tech was really rude and wouldn't answer my questions, and just physically rough. And I'm a really modest person, being exposed in the middle of the room for so long as so many different techs came and went was incredibly uncomfortable as well. All-in-all it was not a fun experience.

Is there a way they can just check out the most critical or likely problem areas? Seemed like they measured every bone and organ in that tiny body. I would like to make sure there aren't critical defects, but I don't want to know or worry about the small stuff. I am delivering in the hospital with the most advanced neonatal department in the state.
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