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Re: Working FT & morning sickness

I tried to work as much as possible, but finally had to quit The vomiting wasn't so bad, it was that feeling like right before you throw up and having that feeling basically 24/7. I spent the next couple of months curled up in a ball and useless. Lots of zofran didn't keep me from being admitted to the hospital a couple of times for dehydration. There was physically no way I could work when I couldn't keep my head upright for more than 20 minutes. I never found anything that worked great. Although forcing myself to be outside with fresh air helped sometimes. And I tried my best to stay hydrated with gatorade - that stuff is tolerable when it comes up. By about 10 weeks I was noticing periods of sometimes an hour without debilitating nausea. And around 12 weeks I started to leave the house occasionally for very short errands. And at 18 weeks I'm working on projects and doing things - yay!
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