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Re: wicking help

I just got some Nana's Bottoms a few days ago. I only had time to wash them once to prep them (even though the soakers are bamboo fleece and I know that takes at least 4-5 washes to really be absorbant). He wore all three of them one after the other today because I'm behind on laundry. None of them wicked and he's a heavy wetter. I was surprised as they aren't fully prepped yet so I halfways expected leaks.

To be honest, I got Denise to leave my diapers with a pocket at the back, so I could add a doubler if needed and to speed drying time. I flipped it inside out to dry them and I checked all the seams and they seem very tight and like there's a good seal there, with polyester thread. She doesn't serge the edges to finish it so it looks pretty, but that's good because it means there's not a gagillion extra little holes in the PUL that can wick.

Maybe it's the velour? I have a few bamboo velour and hemp fitteds and the velour is on the inside. Soft but really requires compression to soak up. I always use them with doublers, so it's not an issue for me. I would try putting a cloth wipe or fleece liner in the diaper until you get a few weeks worth of washes in.

I'm personally not a fan of velour for diapers. Sorry! I know the soft plushness is just oh so tempting. I hate how crispy it gets when you line dry it.

Mine are bamboo fleece soakers and either zebra suedecloth or fancy colored fleece inners. Super snazzy with black or chocolate PUL and I am loving the fit, too.
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