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Re: Should we do the anatomy scan?

I did not have ultrasounds done with my first two kids (except for right at the end with my second when they tried an ECV... just to keep tabs on the baby while trying to turn him). MY OB was okay with not having them done. But the second two I did have 2 u/s each (dating and anatomy). The doctor insisted on the dating ultrasound which was the one I was most against because everything is still developing so rapidly. He made sure it was real quick though.
The anatomy one (which I had them done around 22 weeks with the last two kiddos) was interesting, but took longer (esp. with the 4th because of the "clear shot" thing too as they like to rule out a cleft palate). I think they measure all the bones because there is a link with a shortened limb and a certain special need. Sorry the tech was rough. The tech that did mine was super aloof and not very personable. I know she was concentrating and checking dimensions and whatnot, but crack a smile, lady! I wouldn't call the gender scan fun (I don't get the warm fuzzy feeling during it) and seeing the baby kind of freaks me out, but I felt like it was the right thing to do for me and our situation. With the c-sections, if the baby had cleft palate or spina bifida or something like that, I would want to know ahead of time... being under the knife and being shocked by something like that does not sound like a good combination if it was possible to know ahead of time and prepare for it. Just my two cents.
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