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I'm so sorry you're having troubles. Just a few things I thought of while reading your post:
-I believe bamboo absorbs a lot, but not quickly. I think you need something to absorb the liquid quickly, then let the bamboo hold it all in.
-Change more often if your kids are wetting out quickly. Some kids are just heavy wetters. My theory is that I'm not throwing them out, so it really costs nothing to change more often. Some people make sposies "stretch" longer so it's cheaper to diaper, but you already have your cloth so it's virtually free.
-Invest in some prefolds or flats. You can get them for a dollar or two each. Definitely a wise investment. Use them on their own or to stuff pockets. My kid's never leaked out of either of these. Plus they wash up pretty easily.
-Sometimes more is not better. All that folding and wrapping sounds confusing and..bulky? I can't imagine that.
-I believe bamboo is also susceptible to compression leaks. This goes back to changing more often so the leaks don't have time to happen. But is the elastic still good in your diapers? Do the legs fit well on each of your babies? If the fit isn't snug, leaks can slip out the leg openings.
-Are they truly leaks or wicking? I had issues with wicking that I thought was leaking until I looked closer.
ETA: My wash routine right now, with super super hard water and lots of MF: prerinse on warm with 1Tbsp funk rock ammonia bouncer. One hot was with Tide powder up to line 1, Calgon, and a bit of Oxy (occasionally I bleach in this step) with a double rinse. Another hot wash with Tide halfway up to line 1 with double rinse. Two plain warm water rinses and spins. If I bleached, I add another rinse. I could probably streamline my wash routine but I have a locking lid so I can't check for suds mid-cycle so I err on the side of too much rinsing. I've battled some stinky diapers and some serious rashes and this seems to be working for now.

Maybe test out some different combinations or fixes to see what works. Good luck mama! Try not to give up!!

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