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Re: Best NB diapers that wont break the bank !

Trimsies Small Fitteds or AIO's (I prefer fitteds with tiny babies) They fit the average newborn with out the need for a "newborn" size diaper so they last you much longer! eliminating the need for a Newbie stash all together. I hated prefolds on my newbie (but used them just because I had them) we had the Bummis organic infant sized ones. But my trimsies were by far my favorite, I just didn't have enough on hand!
Heres my little guy when we got home from the hospital (he was 7lb12 oz)

And XS Fleece soakers we FABULOUS on those tiny chicken legs, I had some NB pul covers and they ALL left orrid red marks on him, these are great because they're super inexpensive and fit just fine under baby gowns and footie sleepers

He is Just now growing out of Mediums at 13 months old, but my daughter Potty trained right out of mediums (alot of people never have to go to a large)
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